06 January 2009

We've Moved!

We've moved our (infrequently updated) site to http://blog.howfastareyou.net/. Come on over and enjoy!

05 January 2009

Getting my blog on, new year's resolution be damned.

26 November 2008

My next tattoo: "It's gonna be the future soon...When the things that make me weak and strange get engineered away"

21 November 2008

There are people that treat the @BadKitty badly. I want to hit them. Is that wrong?

28 October 2008

I am totally intrigued by this (unfinished) game: http://ping.fm/Vx9fX The video is worth a few minutes of your time, I assure you.

17 October 2008

Terrorist zombies teenagers in Kentucky: http://ping.fm/3lKZX

11 October 2008

Camping involves far too much nature. Also, tents are not proof against 30 degree weather it turns out.

10 October 2008

Making a pit stop at Harris Ranch. It certainly *smells* like we're close to where they make the cows.

09 October 2008

Going away *with* the @BadKitty this weekend. That'll show her.
Distracted by shiny things.

30 September 2008

Failure is... Creating new names for things in your technical design doc when there are perfectly cromulent names that we're already using.
Success is... Putting your creative lead to sleep with your technical design doc.

27 September 2008

We're going to a Corset Fashion Show. 'C

17 September 2008

http://ping.fm/Ac8Zz People you know will be bellydancing there. And drinking Rum. Also, there will be Rum.
Friday the 26th? Is that twice as unlucky as Friday the 13th? Does it work that way?
This week's Tiki-Ti outing is rescheduled for next week (Friday the 26th.) I will be consuming Rum at the Ojai Pirate Faire all weekend.

10 September 2008

Balkan Beat Box. Proceed immediately to your music vendor of choice and purchase their album. You'll thank me. http://ping.fm/v64pP

28 August 2008

Jeebus is coming. He looks grumpy. http://ping.fm/4KCMD
Metal Monk: http://ping.fm/CZvlE

26 August 2008

I really need to go see this show: http://ping.fm/LMGD3 You can go too, but not until I've bought everything I want.
So sly: http://ping.fm/nqwMG

18 August 2008

And the award for this week's best use of crowd-sourcing goes to "Amazing but True Cat Stories": http://ping.fm/3Qp50

15 August 2008

You Are Here: X

13 August 2008

wondering where I am...

02 September 2006

Escape from Cube Hell

<rant> Cubes. The Cube Farm. Soul-sucking, life-diminishing, stimuli-deadening cubicles. I just wanted to go on record saying how much I loathe them.

(begin Dr. McCoy voice) Dammit, we're human BE-ings, Jim! (end)

I am fortunate enough to have received word from some incredibly nice people that I have been released from Cube Hell and will soon be able to have one-two-three-four-five senses working overtime for good, and not for evil.

I am *so* happy. </rant>